Apex Fashion Wear Limited


We believe that only by after providing our Customers with the Services and Products specified at the requested time, and in the stated manner, we can claim to be a Quality Conscious Company, and expect our Customer's continued patronage. Therefore we as a Company must at all times ensure that we all participate in producing our products in accordance with our customer's requirements. Apex has an enviable reputation as an international garment manufacturer and our reputation is based on a simple but unwavering philosophy that runs through every aspect of our business.

Quality is everything, and for that we continue to maintain compliance standard for our consumer markets in the European Union and North America, and that has been our philosophy. To ensure quality our own Quality Assurance Department (QAD), under the leadership of a highly experienced quality manager and a team of well-trained quality inspectors are operating the QAD independently from the production team. They submit their reports directly & only to the upper key management personal. The QAD works very hard to ensure the desired quality standards using the most sophisticated and modern laboratory equipments. Color fastness, shrinkages are maintained to the world standard.