Apex Fashion Wear Limited

All over printing

To meet market demands that are constantly in flux, Apex has invested in all over fabric printing with a total capacity of 50,000meters/day. The All Over Printing Section is equipped with one set of 12-color Rotary Screen Printing Machine and one set of 12-color Flat Bed Printing machine. A Wide range of fabrics can be printed with Reactive, Acid and Disperse dyes with regular & neon colors. To ensure the highest quality standard and shortest lead time the All Over Printing department has been auxiliaries such as; fully equipped Sample and Strike off preparation, Digital Graphic Design System, Screen Preparation, Laser Engraving, Color Kitchen and Loop Steamer & after Print Washing.

Placement Printing

Placement prints can be printed before or after the garment is sewn together depending on how the print interacts with the seam lines. Placement printing capacity is 60,000 to 100,000 pieces / day, up to 6 colors with manual and automated printing. The types of placement printing at Apex range from Pigment / Discharge print, Puff / Rubber print, glitter / Flock print, heat set stone attachment, Foil printing, high density printing and Photo print.