Apex Fashion Wear Limited


The cutting department is well equipped with bias rolling machine and roll cutting machine, band knifes, round knifes, straight Knifes, Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine, spreading machines with automatic end cutter, automatic tape cutters, cutting tables, bundle preparation tables and bundle baskets. Cutting quality controllers and QAD inspectors check the cut goods for measurements and quality after which the prepared bundle baskets are sent to the sewing section.

The sewing department is equipped with 66 standardized lines with automated machines bought and arranged with the knowledge of intimate apparel experts from Germany, Japan and the Philippines. Using this expert knowledge, we have devised efficient training methods for the operators and supervisors in brassier and panty production. Our own production team is constantly scrutinizing our systems of production and quality control to ensure we are adopting leaner manufacturing processes.

The finishing department ensures every piece of manufactured garment goes under careful analysis from the team of production supervisors. Once inspected the products are stacked according to their sizes and taken to the packaging tables in a humidity controlled environment. The products are then prepared for packaging with the addition of price tickets, hangers and finishing accessories according to the clients' requirement. Once packaging is finalized it goes to the quality control and AQL team for a detailed inspection, this ensures that every department meets the quality standard and deliveries are made on time.